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About Project Blossom

Hiya! I'm known as Program Blossom on social media. I am a freelance 3D and 2D artist.

I have always been a shy person, so I use my original character to represent myself online in the form of a VTuber. A VTuber is a virtual stand-in for the standard face or full body cameras many youtubers use to show themselves off, opting for a 2D or 3D model instead.

My earliest work is heavily influenced by soft and detailed animations in the styles of japanese studios like Studio Ghibli, or early American Disney creations. As I grew up, I continued to watch and adapt my style to the anime genre, focusing on TV shows such as “Avatar, The Last Airbender,” as their styles resonated with my own tastes. Even today, I have continued to draw and create my artwork in that style, having been shaped by my own style along the way.

My other (but no less important) influences are video games. Having been spellbound at a young age by the sprawling environments and unique character designs of RPGs and other game genres, I seek to create the same intrigue through my work as I felt when I was younger.

My interest in digital design has actually been a part of my personality and life since I was very young. I used to sit down and play games with my late grandpa, telling him “one day we’ll get to live in video games too!” I became obsessed with that idea growing up, and fast forward to the 21th century, virtual reality and augmented reality are reaching the forefront of video game design. This technology touches the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. I am currently immersed in an online community of said people in which I design and improve game assets to utilize and even wear inside the social platform.

As a 100% self-taught artist, I cannot express how grateful I am towards all the artists who posted video and text tutorials on how to properly draw and 3D model. When I found my first tutorial on “How to make a donut” in blender I was ecstatic, and I still remember the proud feeling I had when I completed my first blender project. As I found the VR community and realized that my skills were infinitely applicable, I started to create and release my work. At first, it was just for fun and to hone my skills, but over time I went from creating simple pieces of clothing or accessories on a whim to sculpting entire custom avatars for people to wear for commissions.