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Kitsune Heels

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Kitsune Heels By Program Blossom is 100% made from scratch including hand drawn textures.

Product Licensing | Terms Of Use | Terms Of Service

This product comes with a personal and commercial license so long as you (as the consumer) abide by all T.O.S/T.O.U as stated below.

  • Reselling this product commercially is limited to complete 3D character models only.
  • The following of : redistribution , trading , price splitting , making my product public on any kind of social networking site, resale of my product on its own is not allowed.
  • The following of : gatekeeping and claiming my assets as your own is not allowed. You still need to credit me if you've edited my product.
  • This product license is only valid to ONE person. This license cannot be " shared ".
  • This product cannot be used for free , public world and nitro avatars
  • Failing to properly put your information in the check out will result in the following
  • "you" will be banned from my shop , the product's download access will be revoked. Possible D.M.C.A and/or legal actions.
  • All sales are final and no refunds will be given.


  • The gifter must use the recipient's information in the checkout forum. (You will need the recipient's email address , discord tag and VRC account name)

Crediting Program Blossom

  • Program Blossom MUST be credit for this product with the following information : Shop Link and Discord Tags (as shown below).
  • Blossom#2332 | programblossom -

Product Details

6 , 994 K Tris

1 Material Count

5 Colour Swatches (Each)

--> Pink & White || Pink & Gold || Black & Red || Black & Red & Gold || Black & White



You will get a ZIP (9MB) file